Welcome to Pinnacle Counseling Institute! As you explore our website, we hope you will see how much we want to help you wherever you in your life right now. We want you to discover how our approach to counseling can bring positive benefits to you and your relationships. 

Our counselors use a relational style to help you feel safe and accepted. We want you to be able to develop trust with us so that you can explore the issues and barriers that keep you from having the best life possible. Our hope is that we can develop a relationship that allows you to overcome your specific challenges and hurts. We want you to experience freedom as you gain the ability to live the life you truly desire. 

At Pinnacle Counseling Institute our goal is to bring insight and awareness to issues in your life, so you can live more authentically and abundantly. We believe in empowering you to see your created dignity. We see you as made in God's image and having a unique story. We want you to know we have the utmost respect for each person who walks through our door. We would consider it an honor to come alongside you and help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life.


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