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30 Mar

Coronavirus and the “New Normal”

We are in the midst of a “new normal.” This “new normal” is different for all of us. I have spoken with clients who enjoy a slower pace and some who are struggling with isolation.   Right now when we have more time on our hands it may be a good practice to check in […]

26 Mar

COVID-19: Five Ways to Cope With Anxiety and Uncertainty

*Cathy Gibson, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who leads a team of nine gifted professional counselors at Pinnacle Counseling Institute, shares practical ways to cope with the uncertainty and anxiety due to COVID-19.    Anxiety is a common part of dealing with unexpected and uncertain situations. It motivates us to listen to the news, follow advice […]

24 Mar

TeleHealth: What Is It and How Does It Work?

TeleHealth has become a hot topic right now due to the influx of those needing medical care, the burden our medical system is already experiencing, and the social distancing recommendations. What do I do if I have a D0ct0r’s appointment, am feeling ill, or have an upcoming counseling session?   How TeleHealth Fits TeleHealth is […]

23 Mar

3 Activities To Help Kids Identify and Express Their Feelings

Feelings and emotions during transition and uncertainty can be very difficult for children.  With the Coronavirus on the news, at the forefront of our minds, and affecting some of our most basic routines, our kids know what’s up and maybe particularly anxious and uncertain just like you and me.  Often kids express these emotions of […]

13 Mar

A Message From Cathy Gibson, CEO/President, at Pinnacle Counseling Institute

To our Clients, Colleagues and the surrounding Community   Pinnacle Counseling Institute wants to assure our clients that we are staying informed and being proactive to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at our offices and among our team. We are making sure to sanitize doorknobs and areas that you contact. There is also hand sanitizer […]

9 Mar

Self-Awareness as Path to Healing

We are taking  time in our blogs to reflect on self awareness. Self awareness is the most important part of your path toward healing. We cannot heal something we are not aware of! We cannot address emotions or behaviors we are not conscious of.  One of the strategies I offer my clients is learning how […]

6 Mar

How Relationships Work – Communication (Pt2)

We are in the second part of a 2 part series on Relationships with a focus on communication.  Part one of the series is here.  We left off talking about the Red posture many of us end up in, often without even knowing why.  This stance makes it difficult to communicate with the other person. Instead, […]