Pinnacle’s goal is to provide you with the highest quality counseling by the most skilled and effective counselors. Pinnacle's counselors are highly gifted and considered the best among their colleagues.

Why Pinnacle?

The counselors are distinctive in their:

  •  ability to build a safe relationship
  •  insight into core issues
  •  skill in providing healing of past wounds and hurts
  •  helping people overcome barriers to their goals
  •  knowledge and implementation of proven and effective counseling techniques

We strive to help you feel safe, cared for and understood in order for you to gain the most desired results from your counseling experience.

Research reflects that the number one indicator of a positive outcome for effective counseling is based on a positive relationship with the therapist.

A team approach is used in providing the most effective counseling.

Each client meets with their counselor who can then present information regarding your situation to a team of professional counselors at Pinnacle. Keeping confidentiality at the forefront, feedback and insight is provided to your counselor which allows you to benefit from the expertise of your counselor and other highly skilled therapists.

Pinnacle regularly brings experts in specific areas of counseling to teach on topics that will enable your counselor to have the best information to help you. 

Counselors are provided ongoing training and education to constantly update and keep abreast of information that will help you receive the best possible services.

Best Counseling... Better Lives.

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