Alex Vis

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Counselor in Orlando

My primary goal in working with clients is to pursue authenticity in relationships with self and others. It’s a great tragedy of life that anyone would develop strategies of survival that involve living as a lesser version of themself.


My own journey through life has been a sweet and sometimes messy story of loneliness, depression, addiction, chronic illness, and infertility. I’ve wrestled with God, questioned my faith, and found tremendous comfort in learning that he welcomes all of my emotions as I try to understand his will for my life.


It is only through engaging my own internal work that I can sit with you and offer what I believe is most helpful- a safe place to be truly known. I believe that knowing and accepting where you are is the first step in the process of moving toward a rich life that includes improved emotional and relational health. I want you to know that things can be different, that life can be enjoyable again!


If you are living with depression, hopelessness, or loneliness; afraid that your life will never be what it should have been, I would be honored to sit with you and help you grieve your losses. Let me shoulder a bit of the burden, cleanse a bit of the wound. Maybe together we can find the hope that’s been misplaced.


When I am not counseling, I enjoy camping, classic cars, and sharing a good meal with friends.

Counselor Experience

In addition to being a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, I offer Prepare & Enrich Assessment and Premarital Counseling and enjoy working with couples in every stage of a relationship.


I specialize in working with men and women who struggle with depression and loneliness, chronic illness, and infertility. Having adopted my first child, I welcome the opportunity to sit with anyone who is considering adoption as an option for adding to their family.


I am also EMDR trained, which allows me to walk through the darkest of valleys with bruised souls who have survived trauma of any kind.

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