Brad Rahr

Brad Rahr, M.A., Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern, invites us to be curious. Brad deeply appreciates the opportunity to walk with others through the different struggles in life. Focusing on working with young adults and adolescents, Brad is passionate in finding the way to freedom available to us.


Having an identity grounded in hope can lead us to the discovery of passion. We get to taste and see what living life to the full truly means. Brad meets his clients where they are and seeks to work with them with empathy and authenticity.


Brad comes alongside those suffering through the pain of Depression and Anxiety; through Addictive Behaviors and Loss of Motivation or Passion. Striving to uncover a sense of Self rooted deeply in connected relationship, Brad hopes to journey with others in the building of self-awareness.


Brad works with those in Grief and those with a history of Trauma. With patience and encouragement, he seeks to maintain a safe space for those seeking refuge and healing.

Brad received his BA in Philosophy from the University of Central Florida in May of 2014. He  graduated with his MA in Counseling from the Reformed Theological Seminary in 2019.


Spending time with his wife, Ashley, while in nature is Brad’s greatest joy. Gardening, foraging, hiking – all things in nature give him a sense of peace and purpose. A cup of coffee along with a good book and long talks are ideal and sought eagerly by Brad at almost all times.

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