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8 Apr

Understanding Trauma

Trauma as glasses I’ve needed glasses since the sixth grade. I remember feeling so awkward about them that I ignored that everyone and everything was blurry. I couldn’t read the board, I had to squint when I walked, and I was tripping all the time. It wasn’t until my mom started noticing my grades dropping, […]

10 Dec

Congratulations, Alex Vis!

Alex Vis has received his State of FL Licensed Mental Health Counselor accreditation!  This means he not only completed the requirements of his Masters in Counseling graduation work to apply for licensure, but have since then acquired the 1500+ hours of face to face counseling experience while being under qualified supervision, completed required post-graduate courses […]

19 Oct

Help for Addiction

Many people have a misconception of alcoholics. They picture the homeless man stumbling down the street, holding a paper bag surrounding a bottle among other stereotypical ideas.   This couldn’t be further from the truth. Alcoholism is no respecter of persons. The business person, the stay at home mom, the CEO, the teacher grading papers […]

15 Sep

Hopelessness in Marriage

Many clients I see in my practice deal with hopelessness at some point in their marriage. Some may experience this difficult emotion more than others.   So what are some ways to address feeling hopeless in your marriage?   1. Look for the root of your hopelessness. Take stock of your marriage. When did the […]

1 Sep

Let’s Take a Break

If you’re reading this, you probably want some sort of parenting advice. Pinnacle Counseling Institute often counsels on parenting, and it’s always a good idea to refocus and strengthen our parenting tool boxes as we figure many kiddos are going back to school (either virtually or in-person).  However, before we need another teaching lesson, skill, […]

21 Aug

Presence in Parenting

These days, my role as a mother consumes much of my thought life as well as my day-to-day activities. My fiery, tender, and wild-haired little girl is one week away from turning three. I’m currently pregnant with my second baby. While my due date is still a couple of weeks out, my obstetrician thinks he […]

18 Aug

Why Doesn’t My Teen Want to Talk Anymore?

When I speak with parents of teens, one of their sources of sadness is that their teen doesn’t want to talk or hang out with them anymore. All of a sudden, the kid who wanted to recount every detail of his play-date, describe his musings of the world, and regale you with drama from school, […]

6 Jun

The Response to Racial Injustice

Our counselors, staff, and board members have very heavy hearts regarding the death of George Floyd and the racial injustices in our nation.  Words don’t seem enough in the face of such injustice. Pinnacle stands against the racism that still exists in our country and community. We promise to listen to, understand, and learn from our BIPOC clients, friends, […]