Cathy Gibson

10 December 2020

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Congratulations, Alex Vis!

Alex Vis has received his State of FL Licensed Mental Health Counselor accreditation!  This means he not only completed the requirements of his Masters in Counseling graduation work to apply for licensure, but have since then acquired the 1500+ hours of face to face counseling experience while being under qualified supervision, completed required post-graduate courses for HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, and Laws & Ethics, and has passed his National Clinical Mental Health Counselors Exams!


Alex Vis has been at Pinnacle since graduating from RTS in 2018 with his Masters in Counseling.  He was the 7th counselor to join the Pinnacle team.  Alex is EMDR trained for trauma therapy.  You can learn more about Alex and his focus in counseling on his page here.


Please congratulate Alex by sending a comment or share this with others who might benefit from Alex’s counseling or any of the eight other high-quality counselors at Pinnacle Counseling Institute.


“Alex is a gifted counselor who puts his heart and soul into his clients! He has a gentle and compassionate approach that seeks understanding and truth. I love the humor, wisdom, and insight that he brings to our team and his clients. I am honored to have him at Pinnacle! Congratulations, Alex!” – Cathy Gibson, President

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