Cathy Gibson

13 March 2020

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A Message From Cathy Gibson, CEO/President, at Pinnacle Counseling Institute

To our Clients, Colleagues and the surrounding Community


Pinnacle Counseling Institute wants to assure our clients that we are staying informed and being proactive to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at our offices and among our team. We are making sure to sanitize doorknobs and areas that you contact. There is also hand sanitizer and handwashing supplies available for your use. We are aware of the uncertainty and anxiety that this pandemic, and the preventive measures, is causing. Our team of counselors is here to walk with you through this time and help you learn and practice healthy emotional and spiritual coping skills. We will continue to maintain our regular office hours.



If you would prefer to schedule a virtual appointment instead of coming to the office, counselors can do telephone or video sessions. Please call our office to let us know at 407.657.5800. You can also email your counselor or our office manager to request a virtual appointment or to schedule an appointment.



Feel free to use the contact information below:


Lindsay Buono-
Maggie Jobson-
Kathy McClenahan-
Jeremy Jobson-
Benjamin Kandt-
Alex Vis-
Jess Hites-
Brad Rahr-
Casey Coleman-


We will all get through this together. Don’t try and cope alone. Use your support systems, stay informed, and use safe practices. Most importantly, remember this is not unexpected by God, and He has already made provision for you during this time. Trust in God to get you through this and use the resources He has provided.


May God keep you healthy and close to Him!

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