Maggie Jobson

14 January 2020

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Dear Fellow Sufferer

So many people with depression struggle to find words to paint a picture for how it feels. I humbly submit my interpretation of what it’s like to feel depressed.


At this time of year when resolutions fade into the background, the New Year-New You promises seem to lose their luster, and depression may settle in. There is hope however and the New Year holds promise but not in resolutions and goals, rather in the desire and effort to reach out to be cared for.


This poem is for you, Dear Fellow Sufferer.


You are not alone.


May the grip loosen and freedom sneak in.

Oh depression how I loathe you
You make me feel there’s nothing I can do
You hold me down
I walk through mud
It’s black and dark like thick old blood
You take my spark
my will to live
you steal my joy
and nothing give
except a reason to stay in bed
At times you take my friends
and nothing left to be said
Oh depression when will you lose your grip on me?
When will I finally be free?
Im tired of trudging through this mire
im tired of holding on by a wire
oh let me go
return my life
I cannot handle this world of strife.
Why do others not see
Others not hear
You take away all I hold dear
Oh depression how I loathe you.
Let me alone, I’ve paid my due.

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