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01 September 2020

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Let’s Take a Break

If you’re reading this, you probably want some sort of parenting advice. Pinnacle Counseling Institute often counsels on parenting, and it’s always a good idea to refocus and strengthen our parenting tool boxes as we figure many kiddos are going back to school (either virtually or in-person). 

However, before we need another teaching lesson, skill, or article about parenting, we need to TAKE A BREAK. 


It is interesting that things are revving back up, and we already feel like we need to take some time to recharge, but maybe that’s because we never really got a full charge. 


Maybe you did. Maybe yours wasn’t long enough. Maybe you couldn’t wait for the summer to end and have been craving some routine. Whatever the case is for your family, I want to allow you the space to be okay with taking a break. Even if you just had one yesterday. 

Breaks are Important

I am writing this to you as I finish up quite a lengthy vacation at my family ranch in Texas.  For the past few weeks, I enjoyed swinging in my hammock and reading while my daughter napped,  conversations underneath the stars with my parents, and wonderful connection moments with my husband over our favorite tex-mex food. It was a wonderful break. 


Breaks have a way of filling up our souls. Refocusing our plans or journeys. Growing our capacities to extend compassion and love to others. Getting connected to our precious Mother Earth. Allowing ourselves to become undone in safe places with safe people.  Finding the strength to rebuild. Or simply to be reminded that we are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS


I often feel like I am ‘on’ all the time as a parent, which causes my mental energy tank to run on low quite easily. This is why it is so imperative for parents to take breaks.  Whether it is a short break in your day to gain some perspective or a long extended vacation, we are programmed to need a refuel at some point.  


Side note: We are not meant to be ‘on’ 24/7. Have you ever heard the phrase, “It takes a village?”  


What can breaks look like for parents? 

  • Enjoy 1 entire cup of coffee in the morning before producing anything. 
  • Listen to your favorite song before turning on another Frozen II song in the car line.
  • Swap babysitting with a family who has similar COVID-19 boundaries as you.
  • Schedule a picnic by yourself where you can listen to your favorite podcast without interruption.
  • Plan a date night away from the kids.
  • Reserve after bedtime for a fun snack and downtime for a zero-kid zone.
  • Talk to your kids about boundaries and the importance of recharging, so they understand where you are coming from.


This is HARD! Nobody gave us a handbook on how to parent during a pandemic! So I say give yourself some much-needed grace and allow yourself to take a break. 


How are you going to take a break this week?


This blog was written by Casey Coleman, therapist. Learn more about Casey here. 

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