Maggie Jobson

Sometimes our present life gets the best of us. We may be stumped with how exactly to move forward from the place we are in. Maggie is passionate about sitting and processing those “stuck” places while being curious about how, perhaps, ones’ story may be impacting the present.


Trauma has been a part of Maggie’s story which fuels her desire to walk alongside women who are seeking to be set free from the ramifications of trauma. Ramifications of trauma such as (and certainly not limited to) addictions, anxiety, depression, isolation, relationship struggles, and parenting difficulties. Maggie sees trauma as when life varies from what is considered “normal.” This can range from experiencing divorce as a spouse or as a child, to sexual or physical abuse, or even witnessing life-threatening events. Maggie believes that present day struggles can sometimes be traced back to trauma we may have experienced early in our lives. Not always. But often. She is committed to walking alongside those who wish to walk in greater understanding and freedom.


Having gotten her bachelors in Elementary Education and also due to being in the throes of raising three children, Maggie enjoys working with children on managing their anxiety, learning ways to change behavior that continues to cause trouble for them and children who have experienced trauma, such as bullying, divorce of parents, etc

Maggie has been married to her husband Jeremy since 2004 and has learned much through the ups and downs of marriage. Her experience with her own marriage and the impact therapy had in healing and transforming her relationship with her husband lends to her passion for also working with couples to reconnect emotionally and work out how their individual stories have impacted the marriage.


Maggie received her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida and her Master of Arts in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary.  Maggie is EMDR trained.


In her spare time Maggie enjoys spending time in good conversation with friends, cooking, painting, decorating, fashion, hiking, good literature and basking in the Florida sunshine near the ocean.