Casey Coleman

25 August 2019

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One Day written by Landmark


The people, the moments, The words that I spoke with

Were taken as tokens of time

The checkmarks in boxes, these things are dealt with

I just needed a right frame of mind



Where do we fall?

When does it end?

When did my sins become friends?



Every once in a while, we get a day that stands all our trials

Why do they all wash away? Leaving the dust in our face?

Why can’t the wind blow clear?



Turn seconds into hours, if we don’t stop we’re powerless

Take a breath we’re on the same side



Why does this one day make everything worth it?

We’re living between the lines in this never ending circuit

So come joy, come peace, come while you can

Cause this earth is dark enough without the light in our hands


This song represents gratefulness. 


When you have a day where everything goes right, do you stop and reflect? Do you become negative instantly and think about how these days only happen once in a while so why bother enjoying it? Do you encourage other people around you because they might not be having a great day? Do you share the great day with anyone? Do you pick every interaction apart because you want to find something negative?


I challenge you to recognize these days when they happen. Cherish the light you hold and the people you can share it with.  Take a day to break routine and reflect on how much you have instead of becoming dragged down by the little you possess.  Respond with gratefulness when you think of it and it will lead to many more days instead of just One Day.


Casey Coleman

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