Jeremy Jobson

12 November 2018

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Partnering Towards Improving Mental Health

One of the most attractive parts of Pinnacle Counseling Institute to me as a therapist was the vision founder and CEO, Cathy Gibson has for our incredible team today and in the future.  Cathy believes, as I do, that the people most in need of mental health counseling, are often times prohibited by costs.  This is in direct correlation to another reality of counseling, the best therapists quickly learn about the limitations they face when working with insurance companies, and that their skillset, and costs of training and ongoing development requires them getting paid a fair fee to be profitable.  Herein lies the beauty of Cathy’s solution: provide commensurate fees for the needed skill sets, but then invite others who believe in the need for and power of good counseling to help offset the costs through donations that fund scholarships for clients and ongoing training for therapists.


There are lots of people moved by the need for more accessible, quality mental health care: current and prior clients who have experienced the impact themselves, their families and friends; their co-workers, employers and employees; their neighbors, fellowships and communities; hospitals, law enforcement and school systems who are all burdened with an increase in the impact of mental health on our Central Florida community.  Here is a recent article from the Orlando Sentinel In Crisis: A special report on the mental-illness epidemic in CFL, which includes lots of statistics and stories that are eye opening, like, “Florida ranks 49th among the states for mental-health programs, spending $37.28 per person last year. Mississippi spent four times as much on its mentally ill.”


Pinnacle Counseling Institute is attempting to create new pathways of help for some, a needed piece in the collaborative puzzle of solutions, with hopes to see this model expand in its impact and capacity.  As the first In Crisis article entitled, Florida’s mental-health epidemic reaches crisis point ends, “No one with any knowledge of the crisis suggests there is a panacea — or that money alone will solve a complex problem that has been building for decades. But there’s little debate on one point: It’s time for solutions.”


Will you join us in the fight by donating today to the 501(c)(3) non-profit Pinnacle Counseling Institute to help offset the costs of counseling to those in need while also helping ensure the best counselors stay committed to the mission: Best Counseling…Better Lives!



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