Maggie Jobson

24 December 2019

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The Waiting

I awoke this morning with all of the duties of the day on my mind. The baking, cooking, wrapping. Excitement was there as was the feeling of wanting to fully enter the joy of this day. In a moment I pondered the meaning of Christmas Eve. The Eve of The Coming. The Coming of a baby king who would one day usher in a new way. The way of peace and life but also a life and way of waiting.


We are in the waiting.


Every day of our lives we are waiting for The Coming…the ultimate Coming when all will be made right.


We prepare. In the dailiness of life we wait. We love and provide. We war and withhold. We cry and rejoice. We receive and lose. And all for what? We wait.


One day the true Advent will happen. In a twinkling of an eye He will come. And He will stay. The Christmas Coming was only a taste of what will ultimately be…forever. We will be like Him and we will be with Him.


Let us not grow weary in the preparation.


May we ready our hearts and find purpose in the waiting.

May we love like there is no tomorrow.

May we give of ourselves and usher in the kingdom of heaven waiting and ready for His coming.


We are waiting.

We are ready.


Come Lord Jesus, come.

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