Thomas Henderson

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Counselor in Orlando

My primary specialty is working with families and couples to navigate conflict, life transitions, and daily challenges. I assist them with conflict management, conflict resolution, respectful assertiveness, and achieving honest communication with each other. I also work with individuals who are processing being in relationships that are challenging yet worth continuing. More of my experience includes working with families, couples, and individuals process grief, wrestling with faith and spirituality, anxiety, intrusive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors, trauma, depression, impactful life transitions, and providing life coaching.


Life can be colorful, complicated, or just plain confusing with all its twists and turns that can come out of nowhere! My counseling and life experiences have taught me how pain and tragedy are a byproduct of living in a fallen world. Having an unbiased, objective, and empathic helper to guide me through the world’s imperfections made a huge difference in overcoming my struggles and wounds. Every client I work with reminds me of the sacred work I get to do by processing their stories and relationships with them. I would be privileged to join you as your empathic helper honoring the trust you give me as you navigate through the world and all of its challenges.


I recently transplanted from Chicago, IL, where I was raised. In addition to being a counselor, I enjoy almost anything that involves PLAY – sports (especially basketball), board games, and family playtime with my wife, Ashley, and baby girl, Adelaide. I also enjoy quality time with my immediate and extended family members, especially when we converse about philosophy, current events, sports, music, and general pop culture.


Counselor Experience

I received my B.U.S. (Bachelor of University Studies) from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM. I received my Master of Arts in Family Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL.




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