Thomas Henderson

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Counselor in Orlando

Hi There! I am most passionate about working with couples and families who want to resolve conflict, communicate effectively, establish healthy boundaries, restore emotional connections, and regulate behavior. We can work together to escape the negative patterns that place you in a myriad of communication issues and chaos.


I also work with individuals, primarily males, who hope to overcome the challenges that accompany crises of faith, religious leadership, religious trauma, and the day-to-day issues they face while frustratingly enduring the phrase “Just suck it up!” Together we can develop tools to combat the invisible dragons in your life and further fortify your defenses.

I combine two techniques: one focuses on solutions and relationships that help you achieve relief from your challenges, and the other technique focuses on an emotional connection with yourself, your relationships, and your strategies to ensure your relief is long-lasting rather than a “quick fix.” In our sessions, we will discover and amplify your successful attempts at resolving your issues creating a plan to do more of what works well and less of what does not. We will also process your significant thoughts and feelings to achieve honesty and self-awareness.
My clients consistently remind me of the sacred work I get to do by processing their stories and relationships with them. You have already displayed tremendous courage and tact by reading my page. I would be privileged to join you as your empathic helper honoring the trust you give me as you wade through the world and all of its obstacles.
I recently transplanted from Chicago, IL, where I was raised. In addition to being a counselor, I enjoy almost anything that involves PLAY – sports (especially basketball), board games, and family playtime with my wife, Ashley, and baby girl, Adelaide. I also enjoy general quality time with my immediate and extended family members, especially when we converse about philosophy, religion, current events, sports, music, and general pop culture.


Counselor Experience

I received my B.U.S. (Bachelor of University Studies) from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM; and I received my Master of Arts in Family Counseling from Northeastern.




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