Cathy Gibson

31 January 2020

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Why Forgiveness is Worth Spreading?

In January, we focused on “Transformation and Change” across all of our social media platforms and in our blogs.  As we close out the month and move into February, we wanted to post a different kind of blog that hits on January’s focus and sets up February’s attention, which is Relationships.  Below is a TEDx talk from Sara Montana, a screenwriter, and self-professed, “professional storyteller.”  You can learn more about Sara on her website HERE.


We love storytelling because it is one of the most profound ways into a persons’ heart in counseling through telling stories, their own story, other people’s, even God’s.  We, as counselors, are witnesses to a person telling, and sometimes hearing, their own story for the first time. Stories create the ability to understand better who they were, what happened to them along the way, and how they got here.


Sara’s story is compelling, full of heartbreak, tragedy, and endurance.  Therapist Kathy McClenahan shared this about the impact this TEDx talk had on her:


“Sarah Montana’s message on forgiveness causes me to want to go back and be honest where I am still “tethered” to others from the hurt I have received. Her journey on understanding how to forgive has left me challenged, a little scared, but ready to consider how to move forward into the same freedom she has experienced.”


Kathy’s honesty and vulnerability, as well as her interest in story, are what make her an outstanding counselor.  Please watch this TEDx talk and comment below on the effect you notice as you listen to Sarah’s story.


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