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Life can be confusing. Delightful at times. Painful at others. Sometimes when our lives take an unexpected turn we need more than our loved ones can offer. We may feel at a loss. We suspect we need to grieve but we don’t know how. We may feel empty. We may be looking at a failed relationship. Deep down we know somehow it all connects, but how? How does my past affect my present? Is it possible to be free? To be at peace?

Peace is possible. Freedom can come. There is no magic formula but through hard, courageous work it can be realized. At Pinnacle we know this because we have each experienced it. We have faced our own stories and are prepared to invite you to do the same. We believe in not asking you to go where we have not been willing to go ourselves. This gives us great hope in working together with you.

We have found another way… a good way… a courageous way. Come and try. Bring your questions. Bring yourself… all of you. We would feel honored for you to allow us to walk with you for awhile.

The Pinnacle Team


Pinnacle’s goal is to provide you with the highest quality counseling by the most skilled and effective counselors.

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Intuitive Eating and the Holidays

I used to dread the holiday season. Thanksgiving was the worst.   I know many people dread the holidays. Being around family is stressful for some and for others there is no family to go home to. Those weren’t the reasons though that anxiety would linger in my body each November.   When I was […]


Partnering Towards Improving Mental Health

One of the most attractive parts of Pinnacle Counseling Institute to me as a therapist was the vision founder and CEO, Cathy Gibson has for our incredible team today and in the future.  Cathy believes, as I do, that the people most in need of mental health counseling, are often times prohibited by costs.  This […]












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